On February 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was completely stunned. I'm starting the "Scope That Colon! Initiative" to help others feel more comfortable dealing with this disease.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

By popular demand...

THANK YOU to everyone...words can't begin to say how I feel....!
This is my thank you from the fundraiser...keep in mind that it was meant to be read aloud by me, not printed... So ignore any mistakes...

On Februrary 4th when Connie and I found out that I had cancer, the one word that always came to mind was "stunned". Getting cancer was never anything that I would have thought could "get" me. Now I can say what has happened here tonight has stunned me also.
When I first heard what was being planned, my intitial thought was "That’ll be fun, friends getting together having a few cocktails and some laughs. I never thought it could balloon into something like this. I’ve had these feelings of overwhelmingness, a sense of embarassement, and awe.
There are some people here tonight I need to thank. In not really knowing the full scope of what people have done to put this together, I know I won’t mention everyone that needs to be, but I’ll do my best to hit the highlights.
Stacey and Scott Tinker....Just the work and the effort that you could for someone is unbelievable. I’ll always be grateful
Deb O’Leary... Not just for this, but also for the fun chats we have at the playground in the morning which helps makes things easier.
Fellow stay at home dad Jim Bankowski, who couldn’t be here. Always there for a laugh...
Nicole Hart, Kathie Monroe, Teri Carlson, Nicole Sidwell, Pam and Dan Harrison, Nicole Mitchell, Nancy and Jim Arnold, Michelle Zwick, Deanna Cawley, Caryn Russell and Kim Joyce. Judy Carson of Savory Palete... all I can say is WOW to what she’s done.
Scott Guay for always being around so we can bust each other’s chops.
And I know there are A LOT of others, but we’ll be here all night.
Everyone who donated items or baked food to plump me up, or called or wrote or have watched the kids so I could nap and on and on.
A big thank you.
I want to thank my family. My dad comes up every over Monday and spends the day tending to the kids so Connie can be there at the chemo sessions with me. This is our quality bonding time... On Weds, my Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandy pick up the kids at school so I can make my appointments and then be able to nap.

And there is a reason besides the obvious on why I think so highly of you all. As much as this disease blows, I almost feel lucky to have it. Over the years I’ve gotten complacent in my life... wife , kids and life tend to do that... And I’ve taken a lot for granted. Everyone here is an inspiration for me not only to beat this, but to appreciate everything I have and get more out of my and other’s people lives. A lot of what comes out of tonight will help me accomplish that.
You are all an inspiration to do things and to continue to pay life forward, and help those not as lucky as I am, and that’s what I’m the most grateful for.
Most of all, I need to thank my wife. 15 years ago when we got married, none of this was part of the plan. I know you have to find out a lot about how I feel from others or on my blog, But I hate to worry you. We’ve always stuck by each other, and you’ve always done it with a strength and tanacity that I admire. Thanks for choosing me.
Cancer is a really tough disease. I’ve always said that it’s 80% physical and 20% mental. I might even bump that up to 90/10 as I get further into treatments. The 80% kicks the crap out of you but it’s the 20% that gets you through it. It can be a lonely disease, too. You just feel like crap all the time and no one really "gets it" unless they’ve been through it themselves. Everyone in this community has made the 20% much easier...

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