On February 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was completely stunned. I'm starting the "Scope That Colon! Initiative" to help others feel more comfortable dealing with this disease.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Chapter Ends....But Another Begins...

Colon Cancer 2010 has officially come to an end!

As of December 29th 2010, I had my port removed. It's a big step in the "recovery", especially mentally.
There's way too many people I need to thank and I hope you all know who you are. If it wasn't for all of you, this would have been a long tough journey.

"So what happens now in 2011?" You may ask...
Well I will defiantly keep my sunny disposition

But this year it will be about goals that I'm setting myself that I can use to help others.

http://www.root66raceseries.com/- Local mountain bike series that I can use to spread the word about what I've gone through...
http://www.seaotterclassic.com/- Hopefully going out here to race, spread the word and help out Airborne Bicycles by doing some tent time.
http://www.patspeak.com/summer/bike.php- 24 hour mountain bike race in New Hampshire... I need to get riding. I hope this to be a major fundraiser...
http://www.warriordash.com/register2011_new_york.php- A 3 mile or so run up a mountain with good friends, obstacles and beer at the end...how cool is that? Maybe have some t-shirts and info there too.
And finally I'd like to try to fit in a triathlon someplace.
I NEED to get back to working out and eating right, I guess...

The plan looks to be that I will be starting another blog (or maybe just use this one...who knows)
where people can come and read about events and the training and the groups I will be helping.
Donations will be solicited through here into a Paypal account that only I will be able to access and pay out.
I also hope to incorporate friends into this process and give them the ability to do the same... solicit, blog, etc.
Please offer any ideas and suggestions on how I can get start-up $$$, Website ideas, jerseys, t-shirts, stickers, hand outs, entry fees and/or logistics done.
Also if you have an event you would like to challenge yourself to for others, don't hesitate to ask me to get you on the website!
Thanks everyone and may you have a healthy and happy 2011!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cancer withdrawls?

Is there such a thing? I've been thinking about it alot lately. Is it possible to miss cancer? I think it might be. Maybe not the disease per se, but it might be that I'm missing something else that went along with it.

Those morning where I got up at 5 am and walked a couple of miles, or the mountain bike rides I labored through or being there for just about every drop off and pick up at school... these where all things that I fought through and frankly, are ways that I impressed myself and hopefully inspired others.

Now that I'm not doing those things like I was before (for various reasons/excuses) what am I now? Not as strong? Lazy? I think I really need to break a couple of habits I developed over this past year or so and take that "next step" in my progression and transformation into a better and stronger person.

2011 is right around the corner...wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health Update

Just a quick update on my health....
Feet are doing ok... Although they are killing me by the end of the shift at work. I think I'm going to have to spring for some fancy sneakers for work.
I've been getting some weird allergic reactions to something lately. A couple of weeks ago I took a muscle relaxer for my back and then got an allergic reaction. Last night when I got home I had some soup, then the same thing.
Hives, itching and swelling. Benedryl cleared it right up after a bit, but I can't figure out what's causing it. I'm going to have to start keeping a record of what I've been eating and such.

Take care!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whoring myself out to the man....

Well the title says it all... I finally went back to work for the man. In this case the man's name is

This is my second stint there...basically my job will be to build bikes that are safe enough for the kids of cheap parents.

"But Todd, you can pretty much walk into any real bike shop and get a job there...why Dick's?"
Good question. There's really two answers:
First, I don't have a personal vested interest this time around. If I was going to go to a shop I'd be feeling too guilty about taking time off and also worrying alot about all the other crap that goes along with working for a small business. I'm only working part time right now so I'll do my best job, but not take it so personally to try to change the culture of the bike dept. I tried that last time and came up getting screwed by some. I'm promising myself not to let it happen again.
Second, The hours work out better for me right now. I go in around 5 and can work until 10... I don't have to work Sundays (like I would at a smaller shop..I hate working Sundays), and the pay is better... it just works out for right now. It's nice that they need me more than I need them... Stop by the Newington store and say Hi...

Not much riding since I locked up my back a few weeks ago. Just stretching and strengthening the area. Plus, Damn, it's been cold...
Heading out to Ray's Indoor MTB park ( http://www.raysmtb.com) in Cleveland in January... should be a neat experience. Meeting up with a few fellow Airborne Flight Crew members...Expect some cool video and pics.... Connie and the kids are going to visit some of her relatives in PA on the way.

Well that's all I got for now... stay warm!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This one is a reach

So what do you do when you feel obligated to keep a blog alive, but then the reason for the blog ain't around anymore...?
This something I've been wondering about the last month or so. I'm really thinking about killing it off, but another part of me says I owe it to people to keep it going. Well It's something I need to seriously think about (OK, it's not that serious...)

I guess if I'm going to keep it going, I have to take the next step in my paying it forward and write about the trials and tribulations of that. I just need to get off my ass and do it. Something to think about as this year comes to a close and a new fresh perspective arrives in 2011.

I promise to do this and keep you all posted...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long over due update...

Well I've been slacking in keeping everyone updated on what's going on here, although I know Connie has reached out to alot of you via text msg-ing.

The big news is that the last scan came back clear! I'm still cancer free. The doctor was very happy to see it and so was I considering how bad it really was. Lucky I guess.
The next step is to get my port removed. I'll be getting that done on the 29th while Connie's off from work. Not a big deal really, just a bit tired when I get home and a bit sore because it's near the shoulder and such. Next scan will be in March to see what happens.

I've been going out riding with friends on Sundays on what we dubbed the SSDR (Super Secret Dudes Ride). We've been having alot of fun out there. Although I did wrench my back this past Sunday so it's all locked up on me now. Getting better though.

I do need to get out there and find some work... Connie's been dropping some big hints...lol..
My feet numbness is getting much more tolerable now and since my scan is now clean, I feel better about going out and finding something.

The other project I've been dragging my feet about is my website. All these things take money which I don't have. If anyone knows a business that would like to sponsor it, let me know. Basically it will be a website for people to solicit donations for athletic events they may be doing for charity (think MS Walks, Cancer rides, etc.)
The working name is www. DoIt4Others.com ... Catchy, huh? (thanks Mark!)

Finally, how good did you feel about yourself when you climbed that 'big" hill in your neighborhood? This is insane...

Now stimulate the economy, go buy lots of gifts!