On February 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was completely stunned. I'm starting the "Scope That Colon! Initiative" to help others feel more comfortable dealing with this disease.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This one is a reach

So what do you do when you feel obligated to keep a blog alive, but then the reason for the blog ain't around anymore...?
This something I've been wondering about the last month or so. I'm really thinking about killing it off, but another part of me says I owe it to people to keep it going. Well It's something I need to seriously think about (OK, it's not that serious...)

I guess if I'm going to keep it going, I have to take the next step in my paying it forward and write about the trials and tribulations of that. I just need to get off my ass and do it. Something to think about as this year comes to a close and a new fresh perspective arrives in 2011.

I promise to do this and keep you all posted...


  1. Keep it going. Remember you will always be a Cancer Survivor and someone who kicked Cancer's ass. People can learn and gain strength and inspiration from that - so keep it going my friend!

  2. I agree with Mark. Make it about surviving cancer and riding more with your new lease on life!