On February 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was completely stunned. I'm starting the "Scope That Colon! Initiative" to help others feel more comfortable dealing with this disease.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

#9 #9 #9

Well we're halfway thru #9 of 12...only 3 more left which will put me at Sept 8th as my final day (hopefully)!!!
Things this time around went really smoothly. They used a numbing spray on the new port which made it painless, which was nice.
After chemo is done, there will be a couple of years of tests to make sure nothing snuck back in, and some visits to get my port flushed. They keep the port in for a few extra years just in case it's needed again.
Other than that, just expecting the usual fatigue this week end and cold adversion hanging on for about a week or so, and maybe even a bit of constipation if I'm lucky....

Speaking of fatigue, I found a new product I can highly recommend. Those of you who know me, know that I have a "problem" with diet coke, particularly of the fountain variety. I've been trying to kick the habit with crappy results. I really need the caffine but I hate coffee.
On a whim, I tried this...

It's been great. Caffine isn't the main "energy" ingredient. It's on par with some of the colas at about 35 mg but more than half that of coffes and energy drinks.

"FRS is fueled by quercetin, a powerful antioxidant found in foods like blueberries, red apples and grapes. Quercetin works by naturally triggering the body's ability to produce more real energy. The more energy your body creates, the longer you're able to push. And the longer you can push, the farther you'll go."
Yes... I cut and pasted that off the website...
Stuff works really well, check it out at FRS.com
I get my stuff at Vitamin Shoppe. I use the concentrate so I can mix it with the correct temperature water that agrees with me.
Any ways, just passing on some info.

All I got today... see ya all later

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Some Ride pics

Well I felt pretty good today and a friend was willing to take the boys for an all day play date, so I said what the hell, let's try a real mountainbike ride! First one in a couple of months.

For those of you who forgot what it's like to be out of shape, this is what it looks like pushing a bike up a hill....

Steep wet drop off on the blue trail... should I go for it?

Bike and rider made it fine...

Well at least someone liked the rain...

Finally made it back in one, wet piece.....
Really that's all I've got today.. I think I broke the camera (don't tell Connie).
Feeling pretty good, I hope it continues for the rest of the week end.
BTW, there's something REALLY kick ass brewing over at Airborne bikes.. stay tuned!
Look for something cool on the next post about my rides...video perhaps?????

Later gators (I'm on an '80's kick)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pigs flew today....

It's true... I actually got another ride in, second day in a row!!! And to top it off, it was actually almost kinda mountainbike-ish...who would have thought. Very short (hour or so) and mellow, another great time!
Yesterday and today (so fartoday anyways, I have to pick the kids up soon) have been really good compared to the previous week or so. Hopefully the tweaks in meds helped out.
It's hard to tell if it's the meds or just me mentally having enough of the depression. Hopefully a bit of both.

Take care all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's been a long week...

When when I started blogging about what was going on, I promised myself that I was going to be open and truthful about everything that was going on physically and mentally. I know this philosophy can be hard and even embarrasing at times, but I think it serves two purposes.
One I think it's theraputic for me to just kind of "let go" and let it all out.
Second, I really want/hope that this blog can help others who need it. Cancer really sucks and every little bit helps in the end, even from some hack blogger....

Well here it goes.... This past week and change I've really been dealing with a severe bout of depression. I'm walking around with the head down and a black cloud following me around that wants to open a can of whoop ass on me.
I'm contantly exhausted and down. This has happened to me before during this, but not for such a long time. There are times where I just find myself tearing up and asking "why me"?
Usually when I get like this, a small bit of physical activity usually helps, but this time I can't even get out to do that. Makes me wonder how much of this "exaustion" is physical and how much is mental. I would bet most of it's mental.
I feel really bad for my wife. I've been a pain in the ass to be around and really not contributing much. In her words, "she's a fixer, and she can't fix this" . It's hard for everyone.

Being the "fixer" that she is, Connie took the intitiative and called the dr's and decided a slight tweak in meds is in order. Well that starts today and we'll see how that goes.
The port problem was a real set back mentally. What makes it hard is that there's only 4 more of these damn things and then that's it. But it's hard to keep your head up when it's one step foward and two steps back.

Ok, well that's it for now. Thanks for listening......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cancer Wisdom

Cancer is so limited
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot erode faith
It cannot eat away peace
It cannot destroy confidence
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot shut out memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot reduce eternal life
It cannot quench the spirit
It cannot lesson the power of the resurrection

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some updates for everyone....

Well alot has been going on the last few days so I thought I'd keep you abreast of whats going on (I love that word..."abreast"...lol).

Well as most of you know, I had to get a new port put in. Alot of people ask me what a port is and what it does. Well it's a nifty little contraption that they install just below your collar bone that has a tube running/attached to an your atery. It is placed just under the skin for easy access. They give these to patients who need continuous injections without the constant bruising of going directly to a vein. It shouldn't hurt at all because it's just a small peircing of the skin then into the port. Once it's accessed and the "needle" is taped down, you shouldn't feel it at all, and that was the problem I was having. I really felt it when it went in and it was fully accessed. All is well now..I hope.

Let's see, what else is going on?

The Airborne Bicycles relationship has slowed down a bit due to MY wishy washiness on whether I deserve to get a bike from them right now or not. They are willing to send me one, but I feel guilty taking it right now knowing that I can't ride it. Hopefully things will go smoother with them later in year when treatments are over. I do have some cool shirts and a video cam from them though. Reed and Jeremy @ Airborne are two of the coolest and most patient guys I've ever e-mailed and Facebooked with....lol. I'm really hoping that I can meet them in person someday and help them develop the brand over the years.

Sunday is a busy day first we have an event we're going to try to do (depending on my health).

It's the Errace walk in Avon to help raise money for the Livestrong Foundation. They are having bike rides of various lengths a 10k and 5k run/walk. We'll be walking the 5k. I hope the kid's can make it that far....
Then it's Nenie's birthday. Nenie is the kid's grandmother and she turning 36....wink wink.

Other than that, I need to find some new wheels and a few odds and ends for my cross bike and get out and do some pedal turning .

Take care everyone!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yep, I changed the layout.
Figured it was easier for those of you with "mature" eyesite.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Honey I'm Home

Got back around noon from the surgery. They still insist there was nothing wrong with the old port, but I still don't believe them.
I'm very sore from where the new port was installed and they told me no heavy activity for three days or so. I was hoping to be able to do a mountainbike ride Sunday but it doesn't look like that's happening now.

If you're not doing anything on July 18th...
If you want to donate, let me know....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


And just when you think it's all down hill from here with only five chemos left....

Well remember my little rant on how a certain nurse hurt me like hell trying to access my port?

Well today I went in and had a different and favorite nurse (despite the fact she's a Yankee fan) give 'er a go, and it hurt like hell again. There was no way I would be able to go 46 hours like that.

Went over to radiology and they x-rayed it and found nothing wrong and seemed like they were done with me.

Well after using adjectives describing the pain like "hell" and "a bitch" and just plain "damn painful", they decided it would be best to replace the port.

So if you're looking for me at 6:45a.m. tomorrow, I'll be at St Francis.

Monday, July 5, 2010

'Cross is on my mind

Well for obvious reasons mountainbike racing didn't pan out this year, but I only have 5 chemo sessions left which gets me right out and ready for cyclocross season...!

Who's with me?