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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whoring myself out to the man....

Well the title says it all... I finally went back to work for the man. In this case the man's name is

This is my second stint there...basically my job will be to build bikes that are safe enough for the kids of cheap parents.

"But Todd, you can pretty much walk into any real bike shop and get a job there...why Dick's?"
Good question. There's really two answers:
First, I don't have a personal vested interest this time around. If I was going to go to a shop I'd be feeling too guilty about taking time off and also worrying alot about all the other crap that goes along with working for a small business. I'm only working part time right now so I'll do my best job, but not take it so personally to try to change the culture of the bike dept. I tried that last time and came up getting screwed by some. I'm promising myself not to let it happen again.
Second, The hours work out better for me right now. I go in around 5 and can work until 10... I don't have to work Sundays (like I would at a smaller shop..I hate working Sundays), and the pay is better... it just works out for right now. It's nice that they need me more than I need them... Stop by the Newington store and say Hi...

Not much riding since I locked up my back a few weeks ago. Just stretching and strengthening the area. Plus, Damn, it's been cold...
Heading out to Ray's Indoor MTB park ( http://www.raysmtb.com) in Cleveland in January... should be a neat experience. Meeting up with a few fellow Airborne Flight Crew members...Expect some cool video and pics.... Connie and the kids are going to visit some of her relatives in PA on the way.

Well that's all I got for now... stay warm!


  1. Sounds great man! So does that also mean you can get discounts at Dick's? =)

  2. Yeah... how could I forget the discounts?

  3. Sweet! Do they carry those "5 Finger" shoes?

  4. Not sure...I'll check and let you know.. I don't remember seeing them though