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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last of Sea Otter ..and an apology...

So as I was working on bikes last night in my quiet corner of the stor (I'm sooo lonely over there...) I was thinking about the day and what I could/should have done different. Thinking about what I wrote yesterday left me feeling quite ill... I need to apologize. After re-reading it again last night, I came off whiny and insensitive. I realize that what I complained about last week was life and I promise to get over it. I'm pretty lucky to have the life I have and if I take a bit more initiative, I might be even to ride more...Thanks for listening.

Well let me wrap up some other little Sea Otter goodness here....

FRS, my favorite energy drink, was there handing out FULL CANS of their product. At least they were until The Man shut them down. Food vendors were complaining that no one was buying their beverages so FRS had to pour everything in cups. Still pretty awesome, but lets be honest, not as cool. I love this stuff, starting to replace my Diet Coke supply when I can afford it...lol

A bunch of us went out to attack the XC course on a few Goblins.... Well sorta. As we rode up to the entrance we stopped for a bit to watch the pro men short track race (those guys are soooo fast, and of course I forgot my camera) then headed out.
A few of us realized that a couple of us weren't keeping up. Turns out Jim Davis (husband of Wendy Davis of Flight Crew fame) had rear wheel issues and couldn't ride. So me being the nice guy that I am, gave him my wheel thinking I could go back to the tent swap out and catch up... boy was I wrong! never saw them again until I got back to the tent.
The XC ride was by myself and I had no idea where the course was taking me, but it seemed way out there. Lots of sandy dirt roads and singltrack. One "technical" down hill was just rutted from the rain. What's that all about?
The the cat 1 race started so I wanted to get of the course and wind my way back. All hilly dirt roads... good times. I was missing the great techy stuff we have here.
Of course the Goblin was great, but I missed my personal one.

Speaking of Wendy, what a super cool chick. Her husband is alright too...lol. You can read about her pretty amazing story here...http://apabstsmear.blogspot.com/.
Now like most of you, I thought what a strange title for a blog, then it hit me. Pabst Blue Ribbon! PBR Baby! A woman after my own heart and liver. Check out what she gave me...
I know, you're all jealous! Gotta get it on my bike today!

I also got to spend a bit of time on the new Delta cross bike and the Wingman dirt jump bike. I wanted to take the Delta out a bit longer but was afraid I wouldn't get let back in since I didn't have my wrist band at the time. That bike is so cool. When I heard about it, I thought "You can't put discs on a cross bike!" (We don't do that here in New England) but this idea has potential. Jeremy did a great job in ride quality, weight and value.. as usual.
Check it out here....http://www.airbornebicycles.com/category/56-cyclocross-cx.aspx... I WANT one of these!

I also enjoyed my limited time on the Wingman, which surprised me. If I was a few inches shorter and did more Mt. Dew commercial stuff, I'd be all over this. Solid bike for a great price...
http://www.airbornebicycles.com/category/59-dirt-jump.aspx.... Goose would be proud.

Alright.. I got crap to do today... thanks for reading!

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  1. I am totally envious! And that reminds me, need to go to the Packy and get me another 30 pack, only I think they come in 36 packs now. Why not do 72 packs?