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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ride update

Just thought I'd give an update on the 29er and what it's been up too.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to ride last couple of weeks due to weather, illness and family obligations.
Yesterday's ride was at a place call Tyler Mill which isn't terribly difficult but you're always on the pedals due to the constant acceleration/deceleration of the trail.
I have to say that this bike handled it like a champ. I finally have the handle bar/cockpit issue figured out and this bike rides fantastic!
One of they guys asked if I'd been riding because I was "on" today... I just had to smile and look at the bike. I hadn't realized that an aluminum frame could be so comfortable yet still maintain that racy characteristic that I like.
Couple of quick notes...
- Initially I mentioned that I was pedal striking with the 12" BB height. This has become a non issue now that I've made the adjustment. I appreciate the stability that the design gives the ride.
- This was my first ride on the SPID OEM saddle (what's a SPID?). It was deceptively comfortable. It disappeared under my rear end. Nice choice.
- I'm still having a hard time getting used to the 2x10. Having been on the standard 3x9 system for so long, I'm still trying to figure out shifting patterns. It'll come. I'd love to see some one come out with a slightly smaller big ring (37ish) for the 2x10 crank. That would rock!
Ride was fantastic. Great fall day that started chilly but warmed up nice in the woods. Unfortunately my feet went totally numb (from side effects) at the end of the ride so getting out was a struggle, but wouldn't trade any of it!
Sorry no pics or video. Batteries in my Hero video camera were dead. Still figuring out how to use it...lol

Great job to everyone at Airborne!

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