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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ride Flier...and Damn you Adam Levine...

Well about a year ago I mentioned how a certain song was stuck in my head on a few rides...
Well it's happened again.   That dreamy Adam Levine and his cohorts known as Maroon5 have that "Payphone" song continually playing in my head when I ride... Annoying as hell... those guys must be doing something right though.

Finally got the flier for my charity ride and hike finished and ready to publish...
I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I may actually get this event and running... Many many thanks to all the people who have lent a had in getting this far.   Look for a post with some final props in the near future.
Here's the Facebook page with continual updates...

Most of my free time has been spent sending out donation proposals, mapping out the two routes, shaking hands and kissing babies.   Between that and kids being home for the summer, something had to give.  Unfortunately it has come at the cost of any serious riding.  Cyclocross training has taken a bit of a hit right now but I'm hoping that with the kids back to school next week (If they make it that long.....), swapping back to days at work and being extremely efficient with my time... I might be able to salvage some semblance of a season.  Efficiency will be key... I want you all to hold me to it!


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