On February 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was completely stunned. I'm starting the "Scope That Colon! Initiative" to help others feel more comfortable dealing with this disease.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Horton Hears a "What the F#@$" ?

Do you know who this man is? Well if not, his name is Tony Horton and he's the inventor of P90X. Most of you have probably seen the infomercial of a bunch of fit people working out while you were staying up late at night drinking beer and eating Fritos (I know I have).

Well around half through my chemo sessions I decided that I'm going to need to get myself back into fighting shape (Ok riding shape) and I want to look good for my lady again. P90X seems like a simple to follow yet intense work out, mix in riding and it's just what I need.

For the time being I'm doing a hybrid program until I'm back up to full capacity... figure a few weeks to get used to moving again...

Well today I did "Core Synergistics" and all I can say is "Holy Hell"... This guy is the mutant spawn of Satan and Jillian from Biggest Loser.

I couldn't do all the exercises and my feet felt like they were in cement shoes due to the neuropathy, but I promise to keep up with the program as best I can.

Look at that smug smile on his face....

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