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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Death of Racer Boy....

Sometimes the worst rides end up being the best for you... read on and this will make sense.

As most of might have noticed, I pulled myself from the "Grid". Frustration at myself has put in a place that, frankly, I didn't want to deal with any of this crap anymore.

Let start off by saying I'm hurting. Every part of my body is either injured, tweaked or tired right now. Unfortunately my brain says "You're still 20!" but my body says "Eh... more like 50".

As we get older, we tend to forget that. I really need to learn to recover as hard as I workout. Not doing that is coming back to haunt me. When I got a clean bill of health last year I went balls to the wall into physical activity with doing a poor job of rest and recovery. "You rested all last year" I kept telling myself. Well I'm paying for it now. Ironically, after you fight and beat cancer, you would think all of this would be alot easier.

There's been alot going on here, both mentally and physically that I won't get into right now (Some of you already know about some of this). When we get a hold of what's going on, hopefully the stars will align again... right now they're all over the place.

So yesterday I went out for a short ride around town and thru the meadows. Let's just say I wasn't really enjoying myself. Sore ankle, tweaked knee (who the hell's idea was it to play Ultimate Frisbee @9 p.m.?) , stiff neck and all sorts of other things contributed to a ride that, frankly, sucked. But I did get something out of it. It ended up being a pretty important ride.

I need to step back and forget about racing again, both mtb bike and cross. I just can't push it anymore with out taking care of myself. Not fair to my family, Airborne and frankly... me. Time to get back on the bike and ride for fun and fitness. Riser bars on the Goblin...more comfortable fit on the Delta...not worry about hammering the hills... and not getting on myself anymore (It's a vicious cycle...Over do it, get hurt, get on myself for being stupid.. recover.. repeat cycle).

There's other things important to me that I miss because of this repeated sequence. I'm lucky enough to be able to surround myself with bikes most of the time, so it's time to start using my situation for good, not evil.

R.I.P Racer Boy... We'll miss you.

For now anyways....

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